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About Us

Our Company

OSP has been developing software for almost 15 years. We began building applications in the Universe/Unidata environments which are still in use today. Over the years we have expanded to incorporate additional technologies such as Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server databases.

Even today we are still able to provide development and support for all the systems we have developed as well as some we have inherited when our customers cannot get support anywhere else.

In 2005 OSP changed the delivery model for its Software to make it available to many businesses who would not otherwise have access to sophisticated systems. This delivery model enables OSP's customers to have a scaleable cost that reflects the size of their business and at the same time have functionality that will assist their business to grow.

Many businesses cannot justify having a full time IT department. Our delivery model removes most of this overhead because you don't need to purchase, operate and maintain the expensive servers required to run a sophisticated system. OSP perform these functions and as the customer you can actually run your business. OSP provides the "virtual" IT department.

Our main systems are in the areas of:

Freight Management Systems

to provide despatch to billing systems including "Track & Trace" and WEB based systems

Port Management

for Shipping movements into or out of a Port

Hire management

for organisatiosn who hire items for short or long terms

Run scheduling

for organisations who have regular delivery/pickup applications



WEB version of ServiceIT completed
Hire management system completed
Hire Management System installed in first site
Investigation for commenced


ChainIT development commenced to replace SeeIT
Run management system for regular pickup/delivery businesses completed
First customer installs Run Management System
Chain Installed in first Customer Site
QueryIT developed to enable Customers to perform data analysis
ServiceIT developed to enable Customer Service recording & Tracking including automatic escalation processes


New Inaging Module added to SeeIT


Freight Management System installed


cPorts installed at Port Kembla Port Corporation
cPorts installed at Newcastle Port Corporation
Freight Management System SeeIT developed


cPorts development commenced to enable management of shipping and Port operations


OSP formed in response to a shortage of software development companies