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Frequently Asked Questions


SendIT - Password Change

How do I change the password in SendIT

Choose "Security" from the Menu. Select the user from the drop down list (For the user you want to change) and the click "Pwd" icon in the security window (Top right). Enter the new password (in 2 places) and click the "Save" icon Note the TEST user password cannot be changed and it is not a good idea to change the SYSADM password unless it is recorded somewhere as a reference. If you change the SYSADM password you may not be able to access the system again.

Why SaaS

Why use SaaS (Software as a Service)

Many organisations do not have or cannot afford to purchase sophisticated IT systems. SaaS provides an answer as there is no large purchase cost and the amount you pay is based on size and volume. i.e. it is a scalable cost and therefore is proportional to your revenue. In fact as your business grows the costs actually reduce as a proportion of Revenue. Other advantages are, no expenditure on Servers or Operation System licences for Software, No need to run backups or perform maintenance functions that would require an IT department and the best benefit is that the software is regularly updated ensuring that you have a "current" system.